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The U.S. CHIPS Act is already making an impact

Yesterday, Evertiq reported that the U.S. CHIPS Act has already sparked USD 200 billion in private investments across the country. But where are all of these new fabs going to be built?

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) pointed out in a report that over 40 new semiconductor ecosystem projects have been announced across the U.S. since May 2020. We’re talking new fabs, expansions of existing sites, and also facilities that supply and produce materials and equipment for the semiconductor industry.

Count it all up and these projects are valued at nearly USD 200 billion in private investments, announced across 16 states. All of this means that about 40,000 new high-quality jobs are being created in the semiconductor ecosystem as part of the new projects.

Let's dissect the information from SIA and see where all of these manufacturing operations will take place.

StateCompany NameCity/CountyInvestmentTypeEmployment (Direct)
ArizonaIntelChandler$20 billionNew3000 (2 fabs)
TSMCPhoenix$40 billionNew4500 (2 fabs)
CaliforniaWestern DigitalFremont/San Jose$350 millionExpansion240
FloridaSkyWaterOsceola County$36.5 millionExpansion220
IdahoMicronBoise$15 billion (through 2030)New2000
IndianaSkyWaterWest Lafayette$1.8 billionNew750
NHancedOdon$236 millionNew413
Everspin TechnologiesOdonUnknownNew35
Trusted Semiconductor SolutionsOdon$34 millionNew40
KansasRadiation Detection TechnologiesManhattan$4 millionExpansion30
New MexicoIntelRio Rancho$3.5 billionExpansion700
New YorkMicron*Clay$20 billion ($100B over 20 years)New9000 (4 fabs)
Global FoundriesMalta$1 billionExpansion1000
North CarolinaWolfspeedChatham County$5 billion (over 10 years)New1800
OhioIntelNew Albany$20 billion ($100B over 10 years)New3000 (2 fabs)
OregonAnalog DevicesBeaverton$1 billionExpansion280
Rogue Valley MicrodevicesMedford$44 millionNewUnknown
TexasSamsungTaylor$17 billionNew2000
Texas InstrumentsSherman$30 billion (through 2030)New3000 (4 fabs)
Texas InstrumentsRichardson$6 billionExpansion800
NXPAustin/TBD$2.6 billionExpansion800
UtahTexas InstrumentsLehi$3 billionExpansion1100
TOTAL  $186.6 billion 
(up to $346.6 billion)
 34,708 jobs
Semiconductor manufacturing investments in the next 10 years (projects announced from May 2020 – Dec 2022)

* Micron announced total investments of up to USD 100 billion over a time frame beyond 10 years, however, this table only reflects investments made over the next decade. (Links contain further information on each project).

Suppliers of materials, chemicals, and equipment are also responding to the increase in fab construction. As a result, businesses that provide wafers, high-purity chemicals, equipment for semiconductor manufacture, and specialty gases have announced plans to invest in a number of facilities to support growing domestic manufacturing capacity. All tallied up, these announcements are – currently – valued at USD 9 billion over the next 10 years, and will result in 4,971 new jobs. Among these projects, we find companies such as ASML, Hemlock Semiconductor, SK Siltron CSS, EMD Electronics, Edwards Vacuum and Globalwafers. These projects will take shape in the states of Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Texas.

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