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Evertiq is an independent news provider. Trust is its foundation; independence, impartiality and honesty are its core values. We aim to give our audience high-quality, original and informative output. Our core business is to publish daily news (Monday to Friday) in a timely and accurate manner. Neither log-in, sign-in nor subscription is required to read the news and use the services that we provide. The content is produced for the most part through research, interviews and news-tips. However, press releases are also a valuable source of information for our editorial staff. Adding to your mailing list assures that we do not miss any important announcements made by you or your company. While we do value – and read – all information sent to us, we do reserve the right to decide what happens to the content on our sites. Furthermore, our objective is to publish brief and informative news that can be easily browsed 'on-the-fly'. Therefore, texts sent to us will be adapted to accommodate our readers' needs. What we would like to see:
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How we use links to external websites External links appearing in articles on the Evertiq Network are selected and reviewed before the article's publication. However, Evertiq is not responsible for the content of external websites. This is because:
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