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Who did what with whom and where in 2012!

Or maybe not. But, given the fact that we almost always give our own version of a year's review here at Evertiq, you really wouldn't wanna miss this one. And we needed a catchy headline.
Looking into our crystal ball at the end of 2011, we were somewhat hoping for a 'leisure' 2012. A big bang here and there to keep the interest going. Well, what can we say; the drama, scandal (and lot) of 2011 continued. So get the coffee ready, snuggle up to the screen and look back at 2012.

Quo vadis Nokia?

Nowadays Nokia does not seem to catch any tailwinds whatsoever. The Finnish (we used to rule the world) mobile phone manufacturer is always last in the slowest queue at the check-out counter (or customer preferences if you so will). Whether or not the move to Microsoft's OS proves profitable, only time can tell. With ditching factories left and right and being pushed of the pedestal by rivals, some might argue that there is none left.

- Samsung flexes muscle against Nokia May 15 2012
- Several Nokia executives step down June 14 2012
- 700 workers set to leave Nokia Oulu August 06 2012
- Nokia sells parts of Salo facility October 26 2012
- Quo vadis Nokia? October 26 2012
- Nokia to sell and lease back head office building October 26 2012
- Samsung’s success vs. Nokia’s nosedive December 19 2012

Hall of Shame

And again, 2012 - as did 2011 - saw massive layoffs across the entire industry. Texas Instruments, RIM, TE Connectivity, Sony, First Solar or Nokia Siemens Networks. Names may have changed from 2011, but the result remains the same.

- RIM to cut 5000 jobs June 29 2012
- 1000 to leave Sony Mobile August 23 2012
- Ericsson cuts 1'550 jobs in Sweden November 07 2012
- TE Connectivity to close plant and lay off 620 November 09 2012
- 1'700 to go at TI November 16 2012
- Flextronics to layoff 1'100 employees from Hungarian plants December 03 2012

What's in it for me, Mister?

In 2012 we also saw loads of new gadgets come onto the market. And the good people from iFixit, Chipworks, etc. were busy taking them apart and tell us what's inside. So, now we know who scored a design win for the Wii U, the iPad, the Playstation3 Super Slim, the Galaxy Note 10.1, the Nexus 7 or Nokia's Lumia.

- Google Nexus 7 Teardown July 05 2012
- iFixit: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Teardown August 20 2012
- PlayStation 3 Super Slim teardown October 04 2012
- iPad 4 Teardown November 12 2012
- Wii U Teardown November 20 2012

Eye for an Eye (or are we all going blind?)

Apple and Samsung are battling it in court. Nokia and Apple have also a disagreement discussed. Nokia has just agreed with RIM. While Samsung now wants to ban Ericsson in the US. Are you still holding up? We don't. So, who is winning in all of this?

- US sales ban on Samsung tablet lifted October 02 2012
- Patent wars: Samsung to add iPhone 5 to list of lawsuits September 21 2012
- Is Samsung easing up on Apple? December 18 2012
- Nokia and RIM sign patent license agreement December 27 2012

Bankruptcies and new friends

2012 has seen high-profile bankruptcies. Kodak and Elpida struggled to make ends meet, but to no avail. Now others, pick up the goodies for cheap. Others sell off stakes and make new friends (in the most unlikeliest corners) just to avoid that particular end.

- Kodak files for bankruptcy protection January 19 2012
- Elpida files for bankruptcy protection February 27 2012
- Micron / Elpida deal now official July 03 2012
- Kodak patent surprise: Apple, Google, Samsung teaming up? August 17 2012

The future has yet to come

And again, analysts issue a cautious outlook for 2013. But as said before, what would life have to offer if all went according to plan? So we are looking forward to writing interesting stories. And we are also looking forward to seeing you back here for more.
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