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These were the weirdest stories last year

You've heard about the “weird part of the internet” – well, here is that weird part of the electronics industry. These are the stories that raised a few eyebrows in the office during 2015.
While the list could be longer, we've decided to go with a simple top three concept.

Number one; Celestial phenomenon was – yes -– the Microwave oven

This story ended up on the list for two reasons, one; the simplicity of the issue, two; the shear amount of time it took to figure it out. After 17 years of head scratching the question mark behind the “weird signals” that the Parkes radio telescope was picking up was straighten out to an exclamation mark. No, ET was not trying to call to check up on Elliott, it was simply the microwave oven.

Number two; Dirty energy just got a whole lot dirtier

I'm not really sure if I need to explain why this article ended up on this list, but I'll do it anyway. Green and clean energy is a very hot topic, and has been for a while. And when a porn company puts its two cents into the mix with an electronic gadget which generates power when the user, well... No, you'll have to settle for that explenation.

Number three; No sexy-talk with Pepper

Pepper is a robot, designed with the ability to read emotions. The robot is not a functional for domestic use – instead, Pepper is intended "to make people happy". However, to make people happy does not mean that Pepper is a robotic sexslave. And I don't really want to know why the developing company had to include the sentence; “The policy owner must not perform any sexual act or other indecent behaviour.” in its user agreement.

While making this list we did find some other stories worth mentioning, although they did not really fit the "weird" category. Nevertheless, here are our honourable mentions.

Most useless gadget – Jibo does the same as your phone - but as a robot

The kid who silenced an entire industry – 14 year-old hacks car using $15 worth of equipment

The most heart-warming story of the year – Nerd Alarm: The future is already here - Lace up
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