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The stage is set for Evertiq Expo Berlin 2024

The next Evertiqs Expo in Berlin is just around the corner. This year, Evertiq has paid special attention to market and global trends, and we believe that our programme reflects this.

Germany is known across the world as an innovative microelectronics manufacturing and research area. Germany's electronics sector is also Europe's largest manufacturing and sales market, making the country an obvious candidate to host an Evertiq Expo.

Data from the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) 2021 shows that the country’s electronics sector counts as the second largest branch in Germany and employs 867,700 people domestically and another 777,000 abroad.

Evertiq Expo Berlin will take place at the Bunsen-Saal in the Berlin Adlershof Science City on June 20, 2024. As always, a conference program will run parallel with the Expo – a program which Evertiq feels reflects current market developments.

Sources of bad soldering in reflow process and how to avoid them

Errors in the production are causing delays, customer dissatisfaction and many other problems. There is also a substantial cost involved in producing errors. Where are they hidden and what kind of tools can be used to find them? What kind of oven technology is the best for which applications and is vaccum really so effective? These are the questions that Olaf Ciepły from IBL-Löttechnik GmbH will seek to answer during his presentation.

Component Obsolescence – How to minimise impact of shortages & discontinuations

Electronic Component life cycles between launch and Obsolescence are shortening. A large percentage of the world's electronic component demand is driven by consumer electronics and this market typically has shorter and shorter product lives. Obsolescence is therefore affecting more companies, more regularly than ever before. Ken Greenwood of Rochester Electronics will share his expertise on the subject, the impact of obsolescence and how it can be managed.

Configurable production modules for variable and short production

Rafał Maślanka from FITECH will present mechanical, electrical and software solutions developed to build robotic workstations that can be quickly changed or reconfigured according to the production load.

Electronics industry supply chain business outlook: present & future market dynamics with a focus on Europe

Alun Morgan, president of EiPC, will take to the stage to present an overview of the electronics industry supply chain, reviewing macroeconomics, highlighting current and upcoming global risk factors before focusing on the European PCB market and trends. European Purchasing Managers' Indices will be discussed along with technology and market trends before concluding with global and European business outlook.

More yield, performance and quality through innovative laser technology

Depaneling using laser technology is gaining more and more traction on the market as demand for excellent cutting quality and increasing cost pressure have forced companies to reevaluate the use of traditional production methods. The gentle processing and the technically clean separation process can significantly reduce both stress and residues and therefore reject rates.

During the expo, Dirk Bäcker from LPKF will share how the technology can benefit companies by improving the durability of electronics, and increasing yield while also reducing manufacturing costs.

From design to prototype in record time

If you develop electronic devices and need prototypes or small series, Gernot Seeger from Beta Layout will show you the way from the idea, through development and the creation of production data to the functional sample. You will also find out what is important if the production process is to be carried out quickly.

AI applied to AOI: the power of neural network-based solutions

In a world where artificial intelligence is becoming commonplace and many claim to integrate AI into their solutions, distinguishing truly AI-based technologies has become increasingly challenging. Developing genuine AI solutions involves creating entirely new technologies that push the boundaries of traditional optical inspection.

In this presentation, Stilianos Pelagidis from Delvitech will delve into the company’s technology, demonstrating how AI enhances optical inspection, simplifies the work of line operators, boosts First Pass Yield (FPY), and reduces false calls, all while maintaining exceptional ease of programming.

Expert panel navigates Europe’s future at Evertiq Expo Berlin

Join as industry leaders tackle key challenges and opportunities in Europe's evolving electronics landscape.

Our panel features knowledgeable leaders from within the electronics industry, each bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the current state of the industry. They will delve into the pressing issues that are impacting our businesses, from supply chain disruptions and regulatory changes to technological advancements and market dynamics.

This discussion aims to uncover the significant challenges we face, such as navigating economic uncertainties, geopolitical challenges, and the effects of a changing manufacturing landscape. At the same time, we will explore the opportunities that lie ahead, including the potential for growth for Europe.

Without further ado, let’s introduce our distinguished panelists; Thomas Michels, CEO of PCB manufacturer ILFA GmbH; Manfred Amberger, Senior VP Marketing and Sales at EMS provider Zollner Elektronik AG; Uwe Kriegshäuser, CEO of manufacturing process specialist Schnaidt GmbH.

Different laser-based solutions for the production of FR4 and ceramic-based substrates

In this presentation, Woo-Sik Chung from TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik, will provide an overview of applications for metal-ceramic substrates and printed circuit boards that play a central role in the field of electromobility.

First, the requirements for these components will be discussed in detail and an innovative optical concept and the use of a laser with a wavelength of 515 nm are examined.

The material-specific complexities in the welding of metal-ceramic substrates are considered. To this end, an analytical approach is followed using techniques such as micrographs and ultrasound microscopy.

Secondly, this presentation will show laser welding applications on printed circuit boards. For example, flexible cables can be joined to PCBs with maximum productivity.

Thirdly, Woo-Sik Chung show an insight into an automotive series application for power electronics that TRUMPF have developed with a partner and which combines many of the applications shown.

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