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Former Elmatica manager to lead new secret PCB player

In late November, Evertiq received a news tip about a new player entering the PCB market in January 2023 – and the investigative work to figure out who was behind it started. One more piece of the puzzle has been uncovered.

Initially, all we got was a link to a website titled “Watch us launch” and greeted by a countdown clock and a promise of a company that will take PCB compliance to the next level.

Looking at the “Whois Record” and Domain Profile we can see that the IP location is Norway, but after that the trail ended. Until now.

The same anonymous source reached out again, this time with more information, and information that confirmed our suspicion of the company having Norwegian ties.

The team behind “Watch us launch” will be led by Vidar Olsen as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Olsen is the former Chief Procurement Officer of Elmatica – a company that was acquired by NCAB back in October of 2021.

The email did also contain a statement by Mr. Olsen, in which he says that he can’t think of anything better than to lead “this group of enthusiastic colleagues towards new goals. After decades in the industry, we found our niche in the market, compliance.”

“As a result, we are designing the most complex and advanced proprietary IT platform in the industry, able to handle and document the most complex compliance regulations, securing the supply chain, and protecting our customers' data”, says Olsen.  

He continues to state that this platform has been built together with the company’s “customers' and manufacturing partners' needs and requirements in scope” – and not just their own.

Based on previous information and the new one, we can confirm that the company is indeed Norwegian – though we still don’t have the actual name of the company. It will be led by a former Elmatica manager. Vidar Olsen will lead a “group of enthusiastic colleagues”, but how big this group of colleagues will be is still unknown. The focus seems to be a platform to simplify documentation surrounding compliance regulations and data protection.

Evertiq has reached out to the source with further questions.

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