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List: Europes biggest EMS companies

Manufacturing Market Insiders’s long awaited list of the worlds Top 50 EMS providers was released just recently – and we took the opportunity to dig a little deeper in the list to see how things are looking on the European front.

Unfortunately it looks like Europe is loosing out against the Asian and North American EMS players. When MMI released the list last year we had to say good bye to Selcom which fell out of the Top 50-ranking – and PartnerTech which was acquired by Finnish EMS company Scanfil. And this year we have to say good bye to two more companies. Both Kitron and TT Electronics fell out of the MMI’s Top 50-ranking and Europe’s contribution to the list is once again reduced. The ranking amongst the European companies is unchanged from last year – however, when looking at the global ranking, they are loosing positions. Once again, the companies are ranked based on 2016 sales in U.S. dollars.
20162015CompanyLocationRank global top50 (2015)
11Zollner Elektronik GroupZandt, Germany14 (14)
22PKC GroupReeahe, Finland18 (15)
33AsteelflashNeuilly Plaisance, France23 (17)
44Scanfil EMSSievi, Finland29 (24)
55EnicsZürich, Switzerland30 (25)
66VIDEOTON HoldingSzékesfehérvár, Hungary32 (28)
77Neways Electronics International N.V.Son, The Netherlands36 (33)
88éolaneLe Fresne sur Loire, France42 (34)
99ALL CIRCUITSMeung-sur-Loire, France44 (42)
1010LACROIX ElectronicsVern-sur-Seiche, France46 (43)

Last years list
20152014CompanyLocationRank global top50 (2015)
11Zollner Elektronik GroupZandt, Germany14 (13)
23PKC GroupReeahe, Finland15 (23)
32AsteelflashNeuilly Plaisance, France17 (20)
412Scanfil EMSSievi, Finland24 (48)
54EnicsZürich, Switzerland25 (24)
67VIDEOTON HoldingSzékesfehérvár, Hungary28 (30)
78Neways Electronics International N.V.Son, The Netherlands33 (34)
86éolaneLe Fresne sur Loire, France34 (28)
99ALL CIRCUITSMeung-sur-Loire, France42 (37)
1011LACROIX ElectronicsVern-sur-Seiche, France43 (47)
1113KitronBillingstad, Norway44 (49)
125TT ElectronicsRogerstone, Wales, UK50 (26)
More information can be found at Manufacturing Market Insider.
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