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List: Top EMS companies in Europe

We've already taken a look at the ranking of the top 10 EMS companies in the world, but if we narrow it down a but to lets say Europe – how does it look then?

Well first we have the obvious – there's two companies from 2014's list that are not present this time. Italian Selcom did not make the list for 2015, and PartnerTech was acquired and merged into Scanfil. The other big – really big – change is the number of positions that TT Electronics slipped compared the previous list. The companies are ranked on their EMS revenues 2015.
20152014CompanyLocationTop 50 rank (2014)
11Zollner Elektronik GroupZandt, Germany14 (13)
23PKC GroupReeahe, Finland15 (23)
32AsteelflashNeuilly Plaisance, France17 (20)
412Scanfil EMSSievi, Finland24 (48)
54EnicsZürich, Schweiz25 (24)
67VIDEOTON HoldingSzékesfehérvár, Hungary28 (30)
78Neways Electronics International N.V.Son, Netherlands33 (34)
86éolaneLe Fresne sur Loire, France34 (28)
99ALL CIRCUITSMeung-sur-Loire, France42 (37)
1011LACROIX ElectronicsVern-sur-Seiche, France43 (47)
1113KitronBillingstad, Norway44 (49)
125TT ElectronicsRogerstone, Wales, UK50 (26)
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