Christiane Gross & Jasmin Stahl Electronics Production | December 14, 2007

New management at Rutronik's logistics department

Rutronik adds strength to its Logistics / Supply Chain Management as it extends its global range of activities.
Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has appointed a new director for the Rutronik Logistics division. Christiane GroĂź has recently taken up her post as Divisional Director and authorised signatory. In this capacity Mrs.
GroĂź is a member of the Board and reports to the CEO, Helmut Rudel.

Rutronik Electronische Bauelemente GmbH is expanding its logistics division in preparation for the huge increase in demand for European-wide and global logistics concepts. Following the appointment of Christiane Groß, who has occupied the position of divisional director/authorised signatory since July 2007, Dr. Jasmin Stahl has recently added strength to the executive management of Rutronik’s logistics division in her role of Logistics Marketing Manager. Dr Stahl reports to the Divisional Director. With a degree in business management, majoring in logistics and with a doctorate in Econometrics, over her 12-year career she has gained comprehensive expertise in the field of Supply
Chain Management, and has been very much involved in business process optimisation. Among other things she managed the introduction of SAP R/3 at a specialist distribution company, followed by the equally new IT department, before she became the Southern Area Logistics Manager. At Rutronik her duties will include the restructuring and realignment of Rutronik's Supply Chain system to supply its globally active customers with standards capable of roll-out. In addition, the intention is to expand the range of logistics services in respect of the Supply Chain Network. An additional focus is placed on the introduction of standard logistics solutions that can be implemented in the short term, in order to offer customers a high degree of "economies of speed". With this expansion of structure and staffing, Rutronik is principally meeting the needs of its above-average growth in Europe and the resultant very high demand for
logistics solutions covering the whole of Europe, and indeed, the world. For some customers Rutronik is already implementing global concepts and intends to press forward with crucial expansions to its logistics activities outside Germany.

"Many of our regular customers already know us as a reliable logistics provider, so it is not surprising that our customers expect us to transfer that successful concept to their locations outside Germany too," explained
Christiane Groß, Executive Director Logistics. The expansion of Rutronik’s regular logistics customers in Germany is viewed as an especially high potential process. Dr. Jasmin Stahl describes this challenge on the global
scale as follows: "In principle we align ourselves with the processes that our domestic customers already have in place. However outside the EU we have to take account of special import and export regulations. In such cases
we have to develop the appropriate solution, taking into account all the possible parameters and combinations of business development programs."
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