Software | August 13, 2007

Interview with Mr. Shofman, CEO<br>and co-founder of Valor

Mr. Shofman CEO and co-founder of Valor explans in a inteview with what is the company's plan of making the business profitable and successful, what kind of products fits best in to a profitable business in Europe and how he sees the European market as well as future plans for the company.
Since the fresh start, what is Valor's plan of making the business profitable and successful?

The new branding effort marks a milestone in the company's history. Valor's need for a new visual identity is a response to the company's rapid growth worldwide and its reorganization around services and software for the entire electronics manufacturing lifecycle, from design through process preparation and planning to manufacturing and assembly solutions. It captures both the dynamic environment in which the company and its customers operate and the company's holistic approach and commitment to accessibility when addressing customer needs. We plan to continue developing intelligent solutions for our customers and to expand our business by demonstrating our understanding of our customers' needs and our deep domain expertise in electronics manufacturing solution-oriented technology.

What kind of products do you think fits best in to a profitable business in Europe?

All of our products are suitable for the European market. The European market is diverse and contains both OEM and EMS companies, or, from another perspective, Design and Manufacturing operations. OEMs all over Europe are already using our DFM and Process Engineering solutions. We also have many customers for our MES solutions, and with the rapid expansion of manufacturing operations across Eastern Europe, we expect to see the demand for those solutions grow further.

Can you describe the market situation today in Europe?

In Western Europe there are companies who have invested a lot in establishing manufacturing operations and are now working to optimize their processes in order to maintain competitiveness and meet the demands of their customers and the market in general.

Eastern Europe, on the other hand, is being “discovered" by many companies over the past couple of years as a high-potential region for setting up new manufacturing operations. Many Asian companies are now setting up new operations in that region.

All across Europe, manufacturers are fighting for a competitive edge. The need to comply with requirements such as overall/comprehensive traceability is becoming increasingly important, and the need to have access to real time information is becoming more and more evident.

Is Valor mainly focusing on certain countries or is the entire Europe in focus from your sales organization or even in other regions as well?

Of course our sales organization is spread all over the world. In Europe we have an entire network, including resellers, but I suppose you could say that we are focused mainly on central and eastern Europe.

What can we expect next from Valor? Are you planning any specific investments in any specific areas of products, operations, markets or technologies?

From the operational perspective, we are planning to further extend our presence in Europe in order to meet the demand that we see in the market.

From the market perspective, we have our eyes set on developing markets such as the Automotive and Medical markets.

Overall, valor will continue to do what it does best – listen to our customers and respond to their needs.
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