Electronics Production | July 12, 2007

Record sales and profit for Data Respons

Data Respons presented its figures for the first half and the second quarter. Data Respons figures have never been better than this report shows.
Data Respons' operating revenue in the 2nd quarter was NOK 156,8 million (97,1), a growth of 61 %. The group's EBITDA was NOK 12,1 million (5,3), a growth of 128 %. The profit before tax was NOK 10,9 million (4,6).

The order intake in the 2nd quarter was NOK 168 million (117), an increase of 44 %. The order reserve was NOK 329 million (227) at the end of the period, a growth of 45 %.

Data Respons' operating revenue in the 1st half year was NOK 288,9 million (172,3), a growth of 68 %. The group's EBITDA was NOK 20,3 million (8,6), a growth of 136 %. The profit before tax was NOK 17,9 million (7,6). The order intake was NOK 355 million (237).

"Never has Data Respons presented better figures. We are continuing our strong growth, and now the results are following suit. All areas are doing well, but we are particularly pleased with our success internationally", says CEO of Data Respons ASA Kenneth Ragnvaldsen.

In the first half year international revenues increased with 118 % compared to the same period last year. In addition, the international operations now generates the largest part of the revenues for the first half year of 52 %, equalling NOK 151,2 million.

"We are particularly pleased with the revenue growth and improved profits in Sweden and Denmark. Sweden had a revenue growth of 90 % and Denmark a revenue growth of 170 % this half year. Both countries are getting closer to Data Respons Norway's profile with a strong market position, larger share of solutions sales and an increasing customer base", says Ragnvaldsen. .

Data Respons has shown a strong organic growth in both revenue and profits. Compared with last year, the organic revenue (proforma) increased with 34 % and the EBITDA with 105 % first half year.

"This shows that Data Respons delivers growth both in existing and acquired companies for both revenues and profits", says Ragnvaldsen.

Solutions amount to 56 % of the revenue in the second quarter, with NOK 87,5 million. Access to new solution customers has increased in the quarter and the average contract size is also growing.

"Solution deliveries provide Data Respons with long term customer relationships and boost opportunities for increased sales. Solutions have grown with 55 % compared to the same period last year, due to Data Respons having strengthened their position as a complete solutions supplier both nationally and internationally", says Ragnvaldsen.

Data Respons was originally established in Norway and today its revenues mostly come from the Nordic business, Sweden, Norway and Denmark but Data Respons has great expectations about its business in Germany that the company started up a couple of years ago.

In an interview with a local Norwegian newspaper Data Respons CEO Kenneth Ragnvaldsen revealed that we most likely will see some acquisitions in Germany in the near future. Manager for Data Respons German business is Mads Poulsen that has built up Data Respons Swedish business.
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