Electronics Production | July 09, 2007

Nextlink chooses PartnerTech for<br>production of INVISIO Pro headsets

Nextlink has signed an agreement with PartnerTech whereby PartnerTech will take over all production of Nextlink's INVISIO Pro headsets. The headsets will be produced at PartnerTech's facility in Vellinge, Sweden.
Details of the deal between PartnerTech and Nextlink were not disclosed but PartnerTech will now handle the entire manufacturing of Nextlink's INVISIO Pro headsets.

Nextlink develops and markets in-ear headphones and headsets for mobile phones and twoway
radios based on the company's patented technologies. Nextlink has built its reputation
supplying products to police forces, fire fighters, military personnel, security units and
Special Forces around the world.

Nextlink estimates that the market for professional mobile radio communication equipment
is growing by about 2 percent annually, although the market for accessories is deemed to
have a higher growth rate. In total, Nextlink estimates that the global market for
professional headsets amounts to 1.4 million units per year, corresponding to a total value
of more than SEK 2 billion.

“We expect significant growth for our INVISIO Pro headsets in the coming years so
therefore we are preparing by choosing a world class manufacturer that can support us in
the best possible way" says Nextlink's acting CEO Lars Højgård Hansen.

“PartnerTech is located very close to our development site in Copenhagen and they have
the right skill sets and quality awareness for producing INVISIO Pro headsets aimed at
some of the world's most demanding users" adds Lars Højgård Hansen.

“We are very pleased by Nextlink's advances and glad to be an integral part of its ongoing
expansion. The choice of PartnerTech demonstrates the strength of our concept. Via our
local Customer Centres and various production sites world wide we have the ability to
follow and support our customer's expansion, whilst still keeping a close relation and
fulfilling their need for high quality and technical expertise." says Mikael Jonson, CEO of

Nextlink's INVISIO G5 and Q7 is manufactured at Flextronics site in Skive, Denmark.
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