PCB | May 10, 2007

Frank Smulders, EIPC Boss Resigns

Frank Smulders, EIPC (European Institute of Printed Circuits) Managing Director has given in his notice of resignation. Also Paul Waldner, EIPC Chairman has announced his resignation. Mr. Konrad Wundt will be the new Managing Director of the EIPC and Kirsten Smit-Westenberg the new EIPC Operations Manager.
In a letter to all EIPC members, Paul Waldner EIPC Chairman states the following:

Some weeks ago the EIPC Managing Director, Frank Smulders, has given in his resignation.
Because of the deeply personal nature of his reason for resigning, the EIPC regrets that
there is really nothing for us to do but to accept it.

Our situation right now can be summarized as follows:

Our finances are stable;

Our product offerings and conferences are stable and fulfil expectations;

We need to expand our foot-print in the European organization landscape to insure member participation and long-term viability;

We should find more ways to engage the industry and the industries up and downstream from the PCB manufacturing industry to become more relevant for a larger segment of the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain in Europe;

Our staff is stable and knows its work;

We really don't have the work or the money, at this time, to warrant a full-time Managing Director, but we can't really let the office run itself without my stepping in as interim MD again.

I don't have the time or the inclination or the patience to act as interim MD again. After the next General Assembly meeting, I shall no longer be the Chairman of this board.

Given all of the above, the EIPC Board of Directors has unanimously decided to go forward by appointing Mr. Konrad Wundt as the new Managing Director of the EIPC and Kirsten Smit-Westenberg as the EIPC Operations Manager:

Dr. Konrad Wundt works for mie, GmbH, as General Manager. He has been with mie, since 1995. Before that he was factory manager at Schoeller, Wetter until it became part of Ruwel. He is 62 years old (I think) and is very well connected to VdI (the german engineering organization) and VdL (the German PCB organization). He has been an active force for good in the German-speaking PCB industry. Konrad will work 30% of his time for the EIPC.

Kirsten Smit-Westenberg, Senior Event Manager EIPC, will be given more responsibilities in the Maastricht office. Her title shall be changed to Operations Manager. The idea is to make sure someone is absolutely in charge in the office and will support Konrad Wundt and take over some of the work Frank was doing.

I think this solution has both short-term and long-term benefits for EIPC and it's

By the way, we are still looking for more candidates for the next Board of Directors and
we need someone to step up to be the next Chairman of that Board. Come to the
Conference and to the General Assembly and help the European PCB industry be vibrant

If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me (
I hope to see you all in Edinburgh on June 13!

Yours truly,

Paul Waldner
EIPC Chairman
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