Electronics Production | November 24, 2006

Zytronic strengthens in Eastern Europe

Zytronic has strengthened its presence in Eastern Europe by signing a distribution agreement with the Electronic Components Division of Elatec.
Zytronic, a designer and manufacturer of Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)-based sensing solutions that optimise the performance of electronic display applications, has strengthened its presence in Eastern Europe by signing a distribution agreement with the Electronic Components Division of Elatec.

The agreement will provide Zytronic and its customers with local support in the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, the Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Poland and brings the current number of Zytronic distributors and representatives to 28, covering 30 countries across Europe, Asia Pacific, the USA and Canada.

The Electronic Components Division of Elatec specialises in displays and focuses specifically on the kiosk, gaming and industrial markets - all areas in which the demand for touchscreen-based applications is growing very rapidly.

"The core markets on which we are focused - kiosk, gaming, and industrial - all require touchscreens which are able to withstand everyday wear and tear, and that can continue to operate in the harshest of environments", says Libor Pavel, Department Director, Electronic Components/Marketing at Elatec.

"Zytronic's internationally award-winning projected capacitive technology-based touch sensors offer a combined resistance to grease, dirt, and harsh chemicals and can be operated with gloved and ungloved hands, making it an ideal solution to be able to offer to our customers, locally".

Zytronic's PCT comprises an array of embedded micro gauge capacitors within a glass or plastic layered laminated screen.

The sensitivity of the PCT system can be adjusted to sense touch through a distance of up to 20mm.

The sensing array is positioned behind an inert front-facing medium, making it more advanced than other traditional touch technologies and preventing any susceptibility to the system from accidental or deliberate damage.

This makes PCT ideal for applications that are in the public domain such as information kiosks, gaming machines, or industrial applications which are generally found to be in hazardous environments.

"As the demand for touchscreen-based applications continues to grow, the appointment of a proven distributor of Elatec's calibre is an important strategic move that will help ensure our continued growth and expansion of our customer base at an international level", says Mark Cambridge, Managing Director, Zytronic.

"Elatec offers a focused sales team with a wealth of experience and a dedicated team of knowledgeable application engineers".

"We are confident that Elatec will excel in providing local support for our range of PCT-based products".

Elatec will also offer Zytronic's full range of noninteractive products including ballistic visors, and RFI and EMI shielded optical filter and window technologies, which combine the highest levels of shielding with excellent optical performance.

These filter solutions can be tailored for a wide range of environments and applications, such as information displays, secure areas, information displays, navigational and medical equipment and military displays.
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