Electronics Production | November 02, 2006

EIPC Winter Conference in Salzburg

The European Institute of Printed Circuits, the only WECC member representing the interests of the printed circuit board manufacturing and supply industry in Europe, announces their WINTER CONFERENCE for 2007. This is to be held in the city of Salzburg on Thursday February 8th and Friday February 9th 2007 at the Renaissance Salzburg Hotel.
The comprehensive portfolio of presentations will cover a colourful palette of topics, covering
technology, management, the environment, market trends and demands, and the chance to
learn from people who have experience with them in all in various ways. A full programme
will be released before the end of the year, but as this conference will be no less popular
than any of those run by the EIPC, an early booking is strongly recommended.

Salzburg was founded as a city in 696AD and the city we see to-day was created in the 17th
and 18th centuries by the Prince-Archbishops Wolf Dietrich, Markus Sittikus and Paris
Lodron; One hundred churches, castles and palaces bear witness to their endeavours and to
the powerful influence they exerted. In 1756 a certain composer by name Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, and in 1816 the city became a part of the great
Habsburg Empire. Lovers of film musicals will know that in 1964 "The Sound of Music" will
filmed in Salzburg, and lovers of shopping will know that the city offers some irresistibly
attractive opportunities.
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