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The stage is set for Evertiq Expo Krakow

In just a few days, on June 12 to be exact, Evertiq Expo will travel from Sweden over the Baltic Sea to Poland – turning Cracow into a bustling hub for the electronics industry. As per usual, the event is accompanied by a conference program, including a panel discussion as well as workshops conducted by Infineon Technologies and Tektronix – Tespol.

Evertiq Expo Kraków 2024 will be inaugurated by Dr. Maciej Kawecki, technology journalist and science popularizer and EU Digital Ambassador. During his keynote, the president of the Lem Institute will introduce the audience to the world of hallucinations and AI.

There will be no AI revolution in 2024, but there will be rapid evolution. This is the conclusion of Dr. Maciej Kawecki from his 30-day trip to the US, during which he met with founders of the largest AI companies in the world, including three of the five highest-valued US companies.

During his presentation, Dr Maciej Kawecki will paint a portrait of where we currently sit in terms of the development of technology – and also, where we are heading. Dr Kawecki’s trip to the US resulted in the creation of a list of – according to him – the seven biggest challenges relating to the development of Artificial Intelligence.

The microphone will then be passed to Karol Sowa, owner of Sowa Electronics who in cooperation with MEK Marantz Electronics, will present available solutions in the field of AOI for Through-Hole Technology (THT) assembly both before and after soldering. The specialist will also discuss available 2D and 3D technologies and simultaneous inspection of the top and bottom sides of printed circuit boards.

Next up is Tadeusz Asyngier, Senior Application Engineer at Tektronix - Tespol Sp. z o.o., who will present practical tips on using measurement equipment in the process of designing electronic devices. Tadeusz Asyngier will also conduct workshops where he will showcase practical tips on using measurement equipment in the design process, using machines specially brought by Tektronix to Evertiq Expo Krakow.

Following Tadeusz Asyngier is Maciej J. Nowakowski, Operational Director of the Polish Photonics Technology Platform (PPTF), who will talk about the Polish photonics and microelectronics industry as an emerging ecosystem.

"Although they use completely different media for signal and energy transmission, from the industry's point of view, photonics and microelectronics are two closely related fields of the same industry. Polish photonics companies have been successfully operating in global markets for over three decades. Their initiatives are creating an ecosystem supporting the further development of both Polish photonics and microelectronics," Maciej J. Nowakowski tells Evertiq.

Next up is Radosław Łapczyński, Chief Technology Officer at the Wrocław-based company SatRev. In his presentation, he will discuss the impact of Polish space technology on the global industry.

According to Radosław Łapczyński, technologies developed by companies from the New Space sector help reduce the costs of space missions, making space exploration more accessible to smaller companies and research institutions.

Rafał Maślanka, Project Manager from FITECH, will take to the stage to talk about configuring production modules for variable and short production runs. The specialist will present developed mechanical/electrical/software solutions enabling the construction of robotic workstations that allow quick changes or reconfiguration depending on production load.

Grzegorz Trafiał, Vice President of Production and Logistics at Green Cell, will address the issue of rebuilding supply chains for the battery industry in micromobility.

Grzegorz Trafiał's lecture will be somewhat of an introduction to the first-ever panel discussion at Evertiq Expo Krakow.

In recent years, we have observed an increase in foreign investments related to the electronics industry in Poland but at the same time the expansion of domestic companies abroad – in Europe, the USA, Asia, and even Africa. What are the reasons behind this development? During the panel discussion panellists will try to answer the question "Why Poland?"

The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Maciej Kawecki, and the speakers will be:

  • Paweł Ochyński, Founder & CEO of Green Cell;
  • Maciej J. Nowakowski, Operational Director, Polish Photonics Technology Platform (PPTF);
  • Rafał Jabłoński, EMS Market Expert, Nordes.

Following the panel discussion, conference participants will be able to listen to three presentations by members of the AGH Space Systems & Stratospheric Balloons Section from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

Maciej Kaźmierczak, Manager of the Energy Saving Subcenter at Comarch S.A., will take to the stage to discuss the development of "IoT Mesh" technology and supporting tools. In his presentation, he will outline methods of communication between devices, define security policies including encryption, and talk about designing a communication module and a set of supporting tools for simulation, analysis, and monitoring of the designed network.

The stage program will be closed by Evertiq’s own Content Manager, Ewelina Bednarz, who will answer the question: “Who is the world's largest distributor of electronic components?”

Don’t miss Evertiq Expo Kraków 2024 which will take place on June 12.

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