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Pylontech to establish its first overseas factory

battery energy storage system (BESS) provider Pylon Technologies (Pylontech), has announced plans to build its first overseas factory in Italy.

Pylon LiFeEU S.r.l., a joint venture based in Sant'Angelo di Piove di Sacco (PD) will result in Pylontech's first overseas factory to produce and deliver energy storage solutions to customers in Europe. It's jointly owned by Pylontech EU and Energy S.p.A. This factory will utilise resources and expertise from both sides to develop and market energy storage products in Europe.

"It's an important step for Pylontech to set localized production as our partners especially in Europe are eager to have more secured and stable supply chain." says Geoffrey Song, vice president of Pylontech, in a press release. "We picked up Veneto as the starting place which enjoys both long time wisdom from Galilei and fresh friendship from Energy. I believe in the super bright future of renewable energy industry in EU by leveraging the global wisdom and local resources."


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