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Zollner to handle production of Loxone's “Touch Pure Flex”

Austrian Loxone, a home and building automation solutions provider, has assigned EMS provider Zollner Elektronik with the production of their new “Touch Pure Flex” user interface.

Loxone has developed a flexible control element for building automation, which has been realised in cooperation with Zollner Elektronik – the “Touch Pure Flex”.

Earlier this summer –on the 27th of June, 2022 to be precise – Loxone Group CEO Thomas Moser visited the Zollner team in Altenmarkt and triggered the first order for an individual “Touch Pure Flex” via the Loxone online shop. He was later able to take it with him after it had been completed by Zollner.  

The “Touch Pure Flex” is an attempt to simplify something that once was complicated. The new button standard has more than 14 touch points, twelve of which are freely placeable icons – which can be populated with individual symbols and markings -– plus two optional selection buttons, an LED matrix display with optional status LEDs for adjustment of functions as well as integrated temperature and humidity sensors.

Each “Touch Pure Flex” can be quickly and simply be “customer-created” from an online configurator where layout, functions and markings can be individualised. Adapted to these individual specifications, the user interface is marked with laser technology and produced, then completely preconfigured and sent to the customer. 

Zollner Elektronik AG has been able to realise the industrial engineering, automation and production of the completely individualised products, while at the same time being able to define the applicable processes and systems for validation and subsequent segue, step-by-step into serial maturity.

The glass plate – user interface – of the “Touch Pure Flex” is produced using laser technology with the respective, individual symbols, laser engraved and assembled to be reliable and weather resistant.

“Through digitalization of the complete supply chain, from the incoming customer order at Loxone to creation of the production order at Zollner, the Touch Pure Flex can already be efficiently produces as a high-volume product starting with a lot size of 1,” says Loxone Product Manager Phillip Gujon in the press release.

“Loxone is one of the market leaders and has established itself as a pioneer in the area of smart house and building automation like no other company. For that reason we are very happy to support Loxone with our long standing expertise in automation and serial production as well as in the development of the sensitive process of glass and plastic adhesion, here custom produced with state-of-the-art laser technology. One fascinating and challenging task was also to realize a sophisticated logistics process. With the development of a digital supply chain, we were able to significantly enhance our competence and smooth new ways into a smart future,” adds Markus Kerner, Member of the Zollner Elektronik AG Managing Board.

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