© European Union Electronics Production | July 21, 2022

France to invest billions in its electronics sector

The government of France earlier presented its electronics strategy as part of the France 2030 investment plan, aimed to give a greater dimension to the development of domestic technologies and production sites.

In total, more than five billion euros are devoted in France 2030 to the development and industrialization of electronic technologies, a government presentation reads. 

First off, the country wants to strengthen the development of production capacities and the industrialization of innovative technologies. 

This in order to avoid component supply tensions that directly affect French companies. Among the presented measures is the recently presented production unit in Crolles, led by STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries, but also Intel design and service center.

Secondly, the Government wishes to support innovation and exploratory research in the electronics manufacturing secto. 

The goal is to increase the potential of electronic technologies which should make it possible to meet the various objectives of France 2030. This includes an effort of around 800 million euros to support the academic research ecosystem for the development of 2030 technologies,

Lastly, the strategy for electronics also aims to support the increase in training capacities to support skills needs throughout the industry. 

50 million euros will thus be devoted to supporting training and skills development projects as part of the call for expressions of interest “Skills and jobs of the future”.

All of this should, the government states, make it possible to ”meet the needs of French industries in the context of digital and ecological transitions”. And, by supporting the development of the electronics sector, 5,700 direct jobs should be created. 

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