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Heliospectra chooses Orbit One as manufacturing partner

Swedish greentech company Heliospectra, specialising in intelligent LED lighting technology and light control systems, has chosen Orbit One as its manufacturing partner.

"Orbit One is our supplier of top lights for commercial greenhouses, controlled indoor cultivation, and research. We have no produc­tion of our own but rely on leading, quality-driv­en partners. Our own focus is on developing new products and helping our customers. Orbit One helps us with a range of services, from pro­curement, PCB manufacturing, and box build to quality assurance in the form of post-produc­tion quality tests," says Heliospectra’s Supply Chain Manager, Nathalie Svedberg, says in a press release. Svedberg continues to say that quality is one of the company's core values. and to ensure continued top quality, the company chose to leave production in the hands of a partner that focuses on just that - production. An EMS provider will provide the expertise, resources, and experience to create the best situation for future growth. The supply chain manager also says that it was important for Heliospectra continue with a Swedish partner – to be close to the production. "This is truly an interesting product, and we are very pleased that Heliospectra chose Orbit One. We make the entire product and handle the entire value chain. What’s also interesting is that each product we build is customised, tested, and configured according to the needs of the end customer. We have a dedicated production area for Heliospectra’s products. This ensures great commitment, a high level of knowledge of the product, and top quality," adds Orbit One’s Account Manager Thomas Bengtsson says.

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