© Jakub Jirsak Analysis | June 21, 2019

NA semi equipment industry posts May 2019 billings

North America-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment posted USD 2.06 billion in billings worldwide in May 2019, according to SEMI.

The billings figure is 7.4% higher than the final April 2019 level of USD 1.92 billion, and is 23.6% lower than the May 2018 billings level of USD 2.69 billion. “Billings of North American equipment manufacturers increased for the second consecutive month,” said Ajit Manocha, president and CEO of SEMI. “Expanding end-market applications continue to fuel demand for advanced semiconductors and the equipment necessary to manufacture those devices. However, market volatility continues due to the macroeconomic environment.”
Billings (3-mo. Avg.) Year-Over-Year
December 2018$2,104.0-12.3%
January 2019$1,896.3-20.0%
February 2019$1,868.1-22.7%
March 2019$1,825.3-24.9%
April 2019 (final)$1,922.0-28.5%
May 2019 (prelim)$2,064.0-23.6%
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