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4th largest sequential IC market decline on record

From 1Q84 through 1Q19 there have been 141 quarters, and only seven of them registered an IC market decline of ≥10%, the market researcher states.

Furthermore, weak early year results increase downside risk to IC Insights’ -9% 2019 IC market forecast. The 1Q19/4Q18 IC market decline of 17.6% was the fourth largest since 1984 and the third largest first quarter decline over that same time period. As shown in the table below, each year in which a double-digit quarterly IC market decline occurred, the full-year IC market dropped by at least 9%. It is interesting to note that three of the seven largest quarterly IC market downturns since 1984 took place during the first three quarters of 2001, which put the 3Q01 IC market 44% below that of 4Q00. As a result, 2001’s disastrous full-year IC market decline of 33% still stands as the worst annual performance in the history of the IC industry.
RankQuarterSequential IC market changeAnnual IC market change
41Q19-17.6%-9% (Fcst)
The first quarter is usually the weakest quarter of the year for the IC market, averaging a sequential decline of 2.1% over the past 36 years, but the severity of the 1Q19/4Q18 IC market drop has started this year off at a very low level. As a result, given the typical seasonality of the IC market, an abnormally strong second half of the year will be required in order to avoid a full-year 2019 double-digit IC market decline.
More information is available at IC Insights' website.
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