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EMS .Ltd – three times bigger, four times faster

Just before the summer Berkshire based Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Ltd (EMS), packed its bags and moved into a new facility, tripling in size. Now it’s time to fit added space with new equipment

The company will receive and install its new shiny SMT line in late 2018 (mid-December to be more precise), plus enhancements for the existing line – just because you get a new toy doesn’t mean you can ignore your old. The (new) second line will consist of brand new;
  • Board handling equipment to maximise automation and minimise board handling in process.
  • ASM Horizon 03iX with Hawkeye 1700 paste inspection and;
  • Paste Roll Height Monitor – which measures the height of the paste roll and sense when it needs replenishment.
  • Automatic Paste Dispenser II – which automatically dispenses paste when detected by the sensor.
Two off Panasonic NPM-W2 modular pick and place machines, each of which has two heads and feeder carts, providing pick and place capacity which is at least four times faster than the current line and fast turnarounds between assemblies;
  • Machine 1 – has two off 16 nozzle heads for chip shooting, with capacity of up to 120 different components.
  • Machine 2 – has two off 8 nozzle heads for larger reeled components and tray components, with tray feeder for up to 20 different components and reel locations for up to 86 different components.
All of this is topped off with a new in line workstation for hand placement and/or inspection pre-reflow as well as a Heller 1809 MK III reflow oven. At the same time the company’s first line is also showed some love and will be enhanced by additional board handling equipment to provide the same setup as the second line. Modifications are being made to the existing ASM Horizon 03iX with Hawkeye 1700 paste inspection to add the same Paste Roll Height Monitor and Automated Paste Dispenser II as detailed for the second line. The company is also adding an in line workstation for hand placement and/or inspection pre reflow. As you can see, the company went all out with their shopping list – But wait, there’s more. EMS is also adding a new AOI machine, a MEK PowerSpector GTAz+GDAz 550BTL which incorporates top and bottom cameras to facilitate inspection of both sides of the PCB at the same time, reducing inspection times as only one transit through the machine is required for double sided assemblies and removing board handling. And while they were at it, why not add some automated board handling for the new AOI machine. “The investment in this equipment is a significant one for EMS and represents a step change in our capacity, to support the growth and development of our customers,” the company writes in the release.
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