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Record revenue and earnings for Viscom in 2017

Viscom Ag met its forecasts for 2017 and successfully continued on its growth path with revenue of EUR 88.5 million and an EBIT-Margin of 15.6%.

Incoming orders in the 2017 financial year increased by 8.1 % year-on-year to EUR 90,250 thousand (EUR 83,498 thousand). This figure represents the sustained high level of interest among Viscom's existing major customers. Viscom also generated double-digit growth in consolidated revenue, which rose by 14.6 % to EUR 88,542 million (EUR 77,245 thousand). Operating profit (EBIT) improved by 31.7 % to EUR 13,829 million (EUR 10,497 thousand). Accordingly, the EBIT-Margin increased from 13.6 % in the previous year to 15.6 % in the 2017 financial year. Net profit for the period increased by 27.3 %, from EUR 7,129 thousand in the previous year to EUR 9,073 thousand. Europe was the strongest regional market for Viscom in 2017, accounting for around 57 % of the Group's revenue. Revenue in this region remained essentially unchanged year-on-year at EUR 50,784 thousand (EUR 50,553 thousand). Due to higher inter-segment revenue of EUR 23,919 thousand (EUR 17,770 thousand) and capitalised development costs, segment earnings in this region increased by around 32 % to EUR 10,748 thousand (EUR 8,113 thousand). Revenue in the Americas region also rose by around 29 %, from EUR 10,530 thousand in the previous year to EUR 13,557 thousand. Projects involving X-ray inspection systems accounted for an increased share of revenue in 2017. In addition to the sustained strength of automotive supply business, orders were gained in the fields of aviation, e-mobility and alternative power generation. At EUR 1,389 thousand, segment earnings in the Americas region were up around 78 % on the corresponding prior-year figure (EUR 780 thousand). In Asia, Viscom again expanded its business activities with high-end inspection systems compared with the previous year, reinforcing its market leadership for the combined optical and X-ray inspection of assemblies across a number of customer segments. In addition to growth driven by series business, customers showed increased interest in wire bond inspection solutions. Revenue in the Asia region rose by around 50 %, from EUR 16,162 thousand in 2016 to EUR 24,201 thousand in 2017. At EUR 2,105 thousand, segment earnings were higher than in the previous year (EUR 1,536 thousand). The continued upturn in the proportion of electronics and the ongoing miniaturisation of electronic components are the driving factors behind the market potential enjoyed by Viscom's inspection systems. The management of Viscom AG is forecasting revenue of between EUR 93 million and EUR 98 million and an EBIT-Margin of between 13 % and 15 % for the 2018 financial year.
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