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This laser system will monitor your roof – So you don't have to

Polish SENSE Monitoring has developed a measuring and monitoring system which could ease some worries here in the snow clad Nordic region.
The company’s solution uses lasers to automatically monitor the structural integrity of the roof, and there is definitely interest for the company’s system, the S-One. More than 50 companies have applied to take part in pilot implementations of the system.

– The product is ready and we see a lot of interest in the system. Over 50 companies have shown interest. By now, we have deployed several dozen sensors as part of pilot projects, but we also have long-term commercial contracts signed for our service, Przemysław Gałązka, co-founder and CEO of SENSE Monitoring told evertiq.

Up here in the Nordics where we do get a bit of snow each year, and other times a bit more than “some”, the solution would be put to good use; especially when you add fluctuating temperatures to the mix. As snow thaws it get heavier and put more strain on the structure of the roof. This is where the S-One system comes in to play; the system sends out information when there is a need to remove snow from the roof, but also notifies the user about other dangers to the construction. The system can also send out warning when stress is put on the roof, for example strong winds.

The S-One system
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The laser system measures the deflection of the roof structure and compares it with the maximum permissible load, and the user gets a warning directly to the smartphone, tablet or computer if necessary.

The system is suitable for use on all types of buildings with steel structures, commercial, warehouses or industrial facilities. The company has already delivered monitoring solutions to several clients – such as Oknoplast, Woodward and Segro – and is currently in talks with potential clients both in Poland and abroad.

The company can’t really complain about a lack of interest for its solution, but is now facing the challenges that comes with optimising production – which could help the company in finding an investor. Currently the company’s laser measuring solution is manufactured by a Polish manufacturing partner in Poland. A possible investor would also facilitate and speed up the possibilities to export to foreign market. For now, the company has had a focus on its local market and has gained some traction.

– We’ve gotten very positive feedback from existing customers, and implementations run smoothly in technical terms. It really justifies our plans for further development, because our clients are often international corporations that, after successful implementations in Poland, may want to transfer solutions to buildings throughout their portfolios, including those located abroad, Przemysław Gałązka explains.

One of the more important aspects of the S-One system is the installation of the system. Due to the rather “simple” solution, it doesn’t interfere with the construction of the building in any shape or form. The system consists of a laser rangefinder and a special target board to transform horizontal distance measurements into vertical deflections. This solution eliminates the problem of laser beam breakage as these devices are working high up towards the roof. The first phase of the installation is working out the optimal placement of the system, this can take several days. Following this, SENSE Monitoring sends out ready-to-install sensors; the assembly and calibration take about a day.

While the S-One system is a finished product, the company does see further possibilities to develop and use this technology. For instance, the creators want to – in the near future – implement short term weather forecasts into the system so that the user can receive additional information on the probability of an increase of the roof load.

According to Przemysław Gałązka, the company is currently focusing on gaining more traction on the market and is planning to spend the vast majority of time and energy on sales and development of the S-One system. However, long-term plans are also being made. SENSE Monitoring is also looking at the possibility of letting the system become a platform for other sensor, which could monitor temperature, humidity and other factors of interest for the user. An obvious example would be the control of ventilation in buildings; another idea is to measure the vertical deviation of shelves in warehouses. To be more specific, the point is not to let 25-meter high shelves tip over, because that could easily create a domino effect and the potential losses could be enormous. One sensor could easily prevent such accidents, according to the company.

This is however – for now – in the future. Currently SENSE Monitoring is developing and promoting the S-One system on a global scale.

“Customers have given us and the S-One system the green light, so it’s high time to start mass production and implement on a large scale,” Przemysław Gałązka points out.
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