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Christmas is a time to give and reflect

For us as a company, 2017 has been very successful; we reached all our goals (be it those communicated externally or those that we decided upon internally), we met new customers and got to interview interesting people.
Reminiscing about what we have accomplished in 2017 makes us also appreciate what we have. Which brings us to our 'Christmas Wish' in 2017.

After supporting the WWF in their efforts to protect wildlife diversity in Africa or lending a helping hand to women entrepreneurs in India, we decided to look closer to home this year.

The youngest in our society have - compared to other time periods - an easier start into life. But easy does not necessarily mean equal. Neither does it mean fun.

This year's 'Christmas Wish' is therefore educational and fun.

We decided to support the project Calliope ( ). "With Calliope Mini we want to kickoff digital education in Germany - so kids can learn how the digital world works in a creative and playful way", says Gesche Joost, professor for design research and head of the Design Research Lab at the University of Arts in Berlin.

While the project is primarily aimed at German schools (and government-supported through the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), the team around Gesche Joost is more than happy to hear from interested schools in other countries. And we - the Evertiq team - like to hear from you too.

"Christmas is for reflection and for appreciating what you have. Many others are less fortunate than we are. We do take our social responsibility seriously here at Evertiq. Our children should have fun while learning, and the Calliope offers both. It is a good project to support I believe", adds Henrik Björsell, CEO at Evertiq.

Write an email to and tell us why we should support your school. A fun story and a picture is all it takes. With a bit of luck, a class set of 25 Calliope Mini boards is on its way to where-ever you are.

A very merry Christmas to all of you from Stockholm. The Evertiq team (Anders, Anna, Camilla, Dennis, Fais, Henrik, Håkan, Irma, Karin, Lukasz, Michael, Marvin, Peter and myself).
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