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Top10 EMS-provider in the Nordic Region

In the run up to TEC Lund, where Reed Electronics Research will present its annual strategic analysis of the European EMS industry, the market analyst has released its provisional ranking of the Top10 Nordic EMS providers based on global revenues.

The acquisition of PartnerTech by Scanfil in 2015 created a group with sales of over half a billion euros and operations in six countries and three continents. The company, which has undergone a major restructuring of its manufacturing footprint including sites in Norway, the UK and Hungary, is almost more than double the size of the second place company Kitron. Like Scanfil, Kitron has also established low-cost operations in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Asia as well as a site in the US to support customer requirements for local manufacturing. The Danish EMS GPV established a production site in Mexico in 2016 to support its North American customers and is the only other company outside of the top two with a manufacturing presence in that region. Apart from the Norwegian company HAPRO all of the top 15 companies have established a low cost manufacturing operation, either in CEE or Asia. However, for the majority of companies production remains in the Nordic region. Outside of the Nordic headquartered companies there are only three major players with significant manufacturing operations in the region. The Swiss company Enics has sites in Finland and Sweden and at the beginning of 2017 acquired PKC Group’s site in Raahre, Finland but has subsequently closed the plant. The global Group 1 company Sanmina has three sites, one in Sweden and two in Finland, while the Polish EMS Fideltronik established a presence in the region in 2013 through the acquisition of an OEM manufacturing site in Sweden. Based on revenues generated in the region both Enics and Sanmina are ranked in the Top 5 EMS providers in 2016. Top10 Nordic EMS Providers 2016 – Global Revenues (in millions)
NameHQRevenue 2016Global Manufacturing Locations
1ScanfilFinland508Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Poland, China, USA
2KitronNorway225Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, China, USA
3HANZASweden138Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, China
4GPVDenmark120*Denmark, Thailand, Mexico
5NOTESweden116Sweden, Finland, UK, Estonia, China
6NorautronNorway100*Norway, Sweden, Poland, China
7Orbit OneSweden94Sweden, Poland, Russia
8InissionSweden56Sweden, Estonia
9BB ElectronicsDenmark54Denmark, China
10LEABSweden46Sweden, Estonia
* estimated. Based on Average Annual Exchange Rates: Euro/DKK: 1 to 7.45; Euro/NOK: 1 to 9.29; Euro/SEK 1 to 9.47; Source: Reed Electronics Research If you would like to have a more detailed analysis or talk to RER researcher Peter Brent, join us in Lund (Sweden) on September 28, 2017.
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