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Top10 German EMS providers

Accounting for 13.6 percent of European EMS revenues and 34.7 percent of those generated in Western Europe Germany is, and will, continue to play a key role in the development of the European EMS industry.

The industry is served by a large number of companies although the majority are small to medium-sized with revenues below EUR 10 million and for many revenues are below EUR 5 million. As with other countries in Western Europe domestic players dominate the market with Zollner, Europe’s largest indigenous EMS provider, the clear industry leader with 13 percent share of revenues. Top10 German EMS Providers
  1. Zollner
  2. Leesys
  3. TQ-Systems
  4. Neways (Netherlands)
  5. BMK Group
  6. Asteelflash (France)
  7. Katek
  8. Prettl Electronics
  9. MLS
  10. Tonfunk
Within the Top 10 there are two foreign-owned groups both of which have acquired German companies. Neways International, with headquarters in Son, the Netherlands, significantly expanded its existing manufacturing operations in the country following the acquisition of BuS Holding GmbH in 2014 while the French company Asteelflash established a presence in the country following the acquisition of EN ElectronicNetwork in 2012. Of the global Tier 1 EMS providers Sanmina and Jabil Circuit have operations in Germany although it is reported that Jabil, which focused on optoelectronics, has ended small series production at the site and will focus on development only. Flex, the world’s second largest EMS provider, sold its EMS site in Paderborn in 2014 and has also transferred production at Flextronics Automotive GmbH & Co KG to a site in Hungary and is focusing on R&D and prototyping at the site.
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