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This is not a 3D printer – this is Prometheus

It carves, drills, and shapes your PCB – Oh, it's also small enough to have on your desk.
The Prometheus comes from a company called Zippy Robotics, Inc and is currently trying to make its mark on the general public through its Kickstarter campaign.

The product is best described as a desktop PCB milling machine which will allow the user to make circuit boards right from his or hers desk. Which would also mean, no more waiting to have a board delivered.

As the company puts it on its Kickstarter page; “When we're prototyping, we need a tool that can give us nearly instant feedback – not feedback that comes in a few week's time in the form of a PCB delivery. Let the PCB manufacturers make the hundreds or thousands of boards for your production run – not your prototypes.”

Zippy Robotics have chosen to keep custom manufacturing and assembly in the US, and have partnered with Rapid Manufacturing.

Tech Specs:
Spindle Speed:45'000 RPM
Spindle Runout:< 2.5 microns
Max PCB Size:5 in. x 3 in. (127 mm x 76 mm)
PCB-Type:FR-4, FR-1
Min Trace Space: 7 mils
X and Y resolution:0.00025 inches (6.35 microns)
Z resolution:0.00012 inches (3 microns)
Motor controller:Custom ZippyTalk controller, Atmel ARM based
Weight:30 lbs.
Machine Footprint:9.5 in. x 11 in.
Connectivity:USB Plug-and-Play
System Requirements: Windows 7 or later, Mac support planned

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