SMT & Inspection | May 03, 2006

Elektrobit announce new strategy

The Board of Directors of Finland based Elektrobit Group Plc. has decided on Elektrobit's new strategy. Elektrobit have formulated new "Purpose" and "Vision" statements for the company. The Purpose of Elektrobit is to enrich people's lives through innovative technologies, products and solutions.
The Vision of the company is that Elektrobit want to be a world-leading embedded software and hardware company for selected wireless and automotive environments.


The Strategy of Elektrobit is to focus on high-growth businesses which are the 3G smart phone reference design business, IP radio base station module business and automotive software business. In order to further strengthen our Network Test unit, as well as our System Test and Production Solutions units that mainly serve the mobile terminal industry, we have decided to seek long-term industrial arrangements for them.

At this stage, Elektrobit will focus on two key businesses which are "Wireless Communications Solutions" and "Automotive Software." From the 3rd quarter of 2006 onwards these will form two Business Segments in Elektrobit. A third Business Segment, "Test & Automation," will be set up at the same time encompassing Network Test, System Test and Production Solutions units.

Elektrobit will build its success on combination of three technical strengths: world's leading know-how of wireless technologies, system architectures and embedded computing.

The Wireless Communications Solutions Business Segment is composed of mobile terminal contract R&D services and 3G smart phone reference design business, under the name of Mobile Terminal Solutions, and infrastructure related contract R&D services and standard based products sold to the telecommunications OEM vendors, under the name of Radio Network Solutions.

A major part of the business is planned to be based on a S60 3G smart phone reference design platform where we recently announced the use of Freescale as one of the chipset partners.

A new important investment area for the company under this Business Segment will be the development of IP radio infrastructure products, spearheaded by mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e) base station modules.

The Automotive Software Business Segment contains in-car software products and engineering services for the automotive industry, with the car equipment (Tier 1) suppliers and the leading car manufacturers as the customers.

Elektrobit have decided to develop each of Network Test, System Test and Production Solutions businesses separately and continue to make efforts to ensure the performance of these businesses according to our objectives. In the same time, we shall seek for them industrial partners to further strengthen their long-term competitiveness. In other words, for each of Network Test, System Test and Production Solutions businesses individually, finding a strong industrial partnership or constellation in the future is planned, and selling the business is not excluded either.

The Business Units under Wireless Communications Solutions will be as of June 1st headed Mr. Arto Pietilä, Mobile Terminal Solutions, and Mr. Kauko Väinämö, Radio Network Solutions.

The Automotive Software unit will be headed, as today, by Mr. Johann Haas.

In Test & Automation segment, the Network Test Business Unit will be headed, as today, by Mr. Jukka Honkila. Mr. Hannu Hakalahti has been appointed to head the System Test Business Unit as of May 8th. In addition, Mr. Hannu Hakalahti will also act as the head of Production Solutions Business Unit as of May 8th. At the same time, Elektrobit will seek for a full time leader for this Business Unit.
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