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Renesas is top vendor for 2014, but 2015 might be different

According to the latest analysis by Semicast Research, Renesas Electronics was the leading vendor of semiconductors to the OE automotive sector in 2014, ahead of Infineon Technologies.

Semicast estimates that revenues for OE automotive semiconductors totalled USD 29.4 billion in 2014. Semicast’s OE automotive semiconductor vendor share analysis ranks Renesas Electronics as the leading supplier in 2014, with an estimated market share of 10.3 percent. Renesas continues to hold the lead over Infineon Technologies, the second largest vendor, which in 2014 had an estimated market share of 9.2 percent. STMicroelectronics is judged to have been the third largest supplier of semiconductors to the OE automotive sector in 2014, with a market share of 7.3 percent, ahead of Freescale on 7.1 percent and NXP on 6.3 percent. Robert Bosch and Texas Instruments were the only other vendors with an estimated market share of five percent or more in this sector in 2014. NXP and Freescale announced plans to merge at the beginning of March, an event which will create the largest automotive semiconductor manufacturer in 2015. In 2014 the market share of 13.4 percent would have placed the combined business comfortably ahead of Renesas, with a similar result also in 2013. Colin Barnden, Principal Analyst at Semicast Research and study author, commented “Semicast endorses the merger which, from an automotive perspective, has substantial benefits; NXP is a leading player in automotive RF, high performance mixed signal (HPMS), MOSFETs and DSPs, with Freescale’s strengths in microcontrollers, power management ICs and sensors”. 2014 OE Automotive Semiconductor Vendor Share Ranking
NameMarket share 2014Market share 2013
Renesas Electronics10.3%10.7%
Infineon Technologies9.2%8.7%
Freescale Semiconductor7.1%6.8%
NXP Semiconductor6.3%6.0%
Top 5 Total: 40.2% (39.4%) Others: 59.8% (60.6%) 2014 Market Size: USD 29.4 billion ----- Source: Semicast Research
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