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Two new entries to European Top10 EMS

It is time to dissect the Manufacturing Market Insider's Top50 EMS provider list to see how many European companies we can find, and there were some changes to this years list.

We found two new entry’s to the European Top10 list; PKC Group (3) and TT Electronics (5) knocked both Kitron and Selcom Elettronica out of the Top10 rank.
European Rank 20142013CompanyTop50 Rank
11Zollner Elektronik Group - Germany13
22Asteelflash - France20
3N/APKC Group - Finland23
43Enics - Switzerland24
5N/ATT Electronics - UK26
65éolane - France28
74VIDEOTON Holding - Hungary30
87Neways Cable and Wire Solutions - The Netherlands34
96ALL CIRCUITS - France37
108PartnerTech - Sweden43
This year we actually found 14 European companies on the list compared to 12 on last years sales.
  • LACROIX Electronics – France (47)
  • Scanfil EMS – Finland (48)
  • Kitron – Norway (49)
  • Selcom Elettronica – Italy (50)
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