SMT & Inspection | April 18, 2006

Juki wins industry award for SCS Tool

Juki Automation Systems announces that it has been
awarded an Innovation Award in the category of Assembly Line Tools for its innovative Setup
Control System (SCS) software tool.
The award was presented to Juki by EMAsia Magazine's Publisher Catherine Wong during a Wednesday, April 5, 2006 ceremony that took place at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition International Hotel during NEPCON China/EMT China.

An innovative process management and quality control tool, Setup Control System (SCS) is a feeder barcode verification package that confirms operator accuracy and provides related valueadded functions, thereby improving overall quality as well as consistency of performance. There are four modules available: Barcode Parts Verification (standard), Off-Line Machine Setup (optional), Traceability (optional) and Inventory Management (standard).

The tool provides improved accuracy and productivity, and reduces operator workload, resulting in
improved speed and throughput rates. Additionally it accurately tracks component usage and stock,
as well as identifies boards with defective components.

The first standard module is the Barcode Parts Verification Module. The main module of SCS is the barcode parts verification. This system confirms that the correct component has been placed in the correct location when a reel or feeder is replaced. An interlock prevents production from continuing until the component and location are successfully verified, using a handheld wireless data terminal.
The other standard module is the Inventory Management Module. As reels are received, they are automatically added to the inventory database. During production, stock information is automatically updated in real-time from actual usage by each machine.

The optional Off-Line Machine Setup Module allows an operator to verify the placement of all feeders on a feeder trolley before it is installed on a machine. This ensures all feeders are present and accurately placed for a quick changeover.

The other option module is the Traceability Module, which records the serial number of all boards assembled by each machine along with the part number and lot codes of every component placed. This information can be used to identify potentially "bad" boards resulting from a defective lot of components.

The SCS setup control system tool provides numerous advantages to users. It is user-friendly, easy
to implement and is designed in such a way that maintainability and repairability become nonissues.
The Innovation Awards program is sponsored by EMAsia Magazine and honors the top 15 brands of
various manufacturing-related products, materials and equipment. The purpose of this program is to
recognize, reward and celebrate excellence in the Asian electronics industry. The awards will bring the industry together in a celebration of the companies that are achieving the highest standards and driving technology forward.
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