© grzegorz kula Electronics Production | March 18, 2014

Kingfield invests in new machinery

Kingfield Electronics is investing a further GBP 500'000 of additional production equipment. This investment focusses heavily on increasing our current surface mount assembly

capability with the current round of additions including the following:
  • Speedprint SP710 in-line stencil printer
  • EuroPlacer iineo II placement machine
  • Aleader ALD770 AOI system
  • TSM A70-82 reflow oven
  • Additional automated board handling equipment
  • EuroPlacer iineo II placement MachineSpeedprint SP710 in-line stencil printer
Operations Director David Bailey comments: “After a lengthy evaluation process we’ve eventually decided on the EuroPlacer iineo II placement machine as being the correct platform to support the business through the next phases of growth. Its flexibility, coupled with sophisticated material traceability controls, in-line component test, and 25K+ cph placement rate make it an ideal choice for handling the high-mix, high complexity, material traceable boards that we now assemble as a matter of routine. It also provides additional capability when it comes to placing the wide variety of component packages that are now incorporated into todays’ board designs as the iiineo II handles packages from 01005 to 100mm2. This acquisition adds a significant amount of capability to our existing facility and supports the ongoing expansion that is currently under way. We hope the new equipment will come on-line in June 2014, and we look forward to demonstrating this new capability to our customers later in the year”.
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