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Voices from the Productronica floor

At the end of a busy first day, evertiq took pen and pencil (well, we are a bit more digital - but you get the picture) and went out to ask some people about the Productronica so far.
Florian Kampf, Team Manager Marketing at Sonderhoff:

He says they are happy with the fair so far. Productronica is not normally their key focus, as Florian Kampf describes the company as being a small part of the electronics industry. Usually they are present at fairs that aim more at the plastic industry. He says that the booth is usually a bit more crowded at those fairs, but they still had a good first day.

- We certainly expect that we will get international contacts from this fair and we are looking forward to some interesting new projects. When we meet new customers they bring new challenges for us to work on.

Regine Pflamminger, Sales/Marketing Semiconductor related products at Mühlbauer:

- It was a pretty good first day actually. We didn't expect as many customers as we had. It was much more busy than I thought. This is also my first time here so I am impressed by how big it is.

She says that they do however expect even more visitors today.

Luis Estrades, Head of Sales Services, Stannol GmbH:

- It could have been more visitors on the first day, but it was still okay. We are not standing around playing with our fingers. The visitors are also more international this year.

He says that the company has been on other German fairs with a more local focus. Here they have met potential customers from countries like Austrialia and Brazil, making this an important fair in the world.

- We don't come here to sign new contracts. We can't relate the figures to the fair as such, but it is important to come here and keep in touch with customers and to get new contacts. You can't really miss it. And like I said, you can get in touch with international customers.

Felix Eiler, sales / support at ATV Technologie GmbH

- We didn't have that many visitors on the first day, but we did have some interesting persons coming here. Compared to Semicon it is much more traffic here I think, and it feels much bigger. For a first day, I think it was overall good but the middle day is always the busiest.

He says that the company goes to Productronica to get new contacts as well as finding new representatives or suppliers.

- And sometimes you get ideas for what is interesting in the future as well.

Thomas Valtonen, branch manager at Eurostat Group:

- I would say it has been a surprisingly good first day actually. We have had a lot of Scandinavian customers here, and also a lot of people from the Baltics. It felt rather full today, but I think tomorrow (today, Wednesday) and Thursday will be even better.

He says that one of the main reasons that Eurostat is at the fair is to showcase the company and what they are doing, and that they are one of the few Europeans working in their particular field.
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