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Essemtec to debut smart solution concept at productronica

Essemtec to debut smart solution concept and 3D mid production line at productronica.

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Omron Munich, November 12 – 15th, 2013 Hall A3, Booth 341 New Munich Trade fair
Smart Solution Concept SMART solution provides the fundamental functions required for managing flexible production, supporting growth and adapting quickly to changing requirements. The modular nature of this concept protects the customer’s investment - as business needs to change, the customer can upgrade to a higher level of sophistication. Scorpion
  • Dispenses up to 100,000 dots per hour
  • Equipped with a ultra-fast jet valve
  • Up to four different dispensing valves can be installed simultaneously
  • The eDis-software's easy programming and operation allows for the use of a wide range of dispensing applications
3D MID Production Line In cooperation with LPKF and MID-Tronic, Essemtec debuts its 3D MID production line, including a LPKF Fusion3D 1000, Essemtec’s 3D dispenser and assembler Hydra, as well as a RO400FC for reflow soldering. The Hydra is the first standard machine for dispensing and assembling in 3D. It features an inline conveyor system and quick changeover, making it capable of series production as well as small series and sample manufacturing The 3-axes pick-and-place head can place up to 2,500 cph in 3D mode and up to 12,000 cph in 2D mode, and can dispense glue or solder paste. The new LPKF Fusion3D 1000 for prototyping and small batches provides an entry into Laser Direct Structuring (LDS). The flexible laser structure can be used for LDS prototyping as well as for small- and medium- volume production. Expansion of Paraquda-Family Additionally, Essemtec will highlight the expansion of its Paraquda-family – the new Paradoble and Paraquda2. The Paraquda platforms are available in different models. A modular construction allows a gradual increase in performance - firstly by choice of the placement head and secondly by multiplication of modules as well as an expansion by means of options according to the requested applications. New features affect the dispensing solution for all Paraquda types. Beside the popular Archimedean screw, time-pressure, Piezo and jet valve, Essemtec introduces another innovation. Thanks to a new jet valve, Essemtec’s pick-and-place machines are now able to jet solder paste.
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