© Vitronics Soltec Electronics Production | November 12, 2013

Vitronics Soltec release new selective soldering platform

Vitronics Soltec will release the new ZEVAv selective soldering platform in November 2013. The ZEVAv platform will be showcased at Vitronics Soltec’s booth at Productronica.

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Vitronics Soltec Munich, November 12 – 15th, 2013 Hall A4, Booth 135 New Munich Trade fair
The new ZEVAv platform delivers the best value in the high-speed selective soldering market. The ZEVAv platform leverages Vitronics Soltec’s proven, market-leading fluxing, preheating and soldering technology and brings the overall selective soldering experience to a new dimension. It’s what you need today to meet the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production, and process control. The ZEVAv’s:
  • High frequency fluxing technology provides the most accurate process to answer the highest quality challenges;
  • Patented convection preheating provides the best heat transfer to address the most complex thermal requirements;
  • Patented soldering design excels in the challenges of miniaturization;
  • Flexible platform is highly customizable and allows on-the-fly changeovers; and
  • Process control provides maximum insight on day-to-day performance.
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