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Cogiscan to Roll Out New Factory Intelligence Module

Cogiscan Inc. will debut its new Factory Intelligence Monitoring Module in two booths at the Productronica International Trade Fair.

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Cogiscan Munich, November 12 – 15th, 2013 Hall A2, Booth 371 (SmartRep) Hall A3, Booth 141 (Juki) New Munich Trade fair
Factory Intelligence Monitoring ModuleFactory Intelligence allows Cogiscan users to leverage the data available in the TTC platform to calculate and monitor key process indicators over time. Monitoring key process indicators enables users to maximize profit. Additionally, it provides an understanding of how well machines and assembly lines are running as well as information regarding the causes for non-production and material losses. This information is key to optimizing productivity and quality while keeping production costs as low as possible. André Corriveau from Cogiscan commented: “This new product is significantly better than competitive products for several reasons. First, like any other Cogiscan software application it relies on higher quality data collection than traditional manufacturing software. Traditional data collection systems rely on a lot of human intervention to scan barcode labels whereas we offer completely automated solutions, including patented RFID hardware. In addition, the way that we track and report manufacturing data goes well beyond traditional dashboard applications. Our customers and OEM partners are very excited about this new capability that will allow them to gain a strong competitive edge. ”
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