© Assembléon Electronics Production | November 07, 2013

A powerful new combination has arrived!

The new generation iX systems, combined with the flexible iFlex equipment is now harmonized into one line solution, combining high quality placement with high throughput – Flexline!

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Assembléon Munich, November 12 – 15th, 2013 Hall A2, Booth 477 New Munich Trade fair
When end-products should have a long life quality, then the processes must be such that this can be guaranteed. Quality and reliability is crucial for products, in high-end electronics with high BOM costs:
  • subject to high field service call costs
  • subject to high recall costs
  • subject to law, regulation and/or liability
  • meant for life-critical and safety electronics
The quality of its pick and place process is core within Assembléon. All process steps from pick to place are controlled, monitored and verified and executed for every individual component. It gives you industry’s most reliable mounted electronic product, assuring a long electronic lifetime with the lowest possible product lifecycle costs. The all new iX introduces even higher accuracy, increased component range support, increased output for camera aligned components, new light weight intelligent iFeeders with new pick correction algorithms for very high pick rates (less than 100PPM, based on actual customer data), 100% traceability solutions, exact material usage administration and last, but not least, new NPI features and full harmonization with the iFlex platform. It makes the new Flexline a very powerful platform where 5 models can be combined into any high quality production solution for any production volume, all with very high First Pass Yields.
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