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Are you happy with your pay-check?

By a show of hands; how many are satisfied with their salary – lets be honest here – ok, so that might not work. Luckily 600 people within the electronics industry, were willing to share.
More that 600 electronics industry professionals shared their thoughts about their salary in a survey conducted by Venture Outsource's GlobalNet Community. The participants were posed questions about current salary, job function, responsibility level and company type.

A majority of the survey respondents – 42% – work at electronics OEM's in: supply chain management, purchasing/planning and program management.

8.2% work in semiconductor firms and just over 8% of the surveyed hold the title of CEO or CXO. And 5.1% hold positions at the board of directors/non-exec level.

So, are you being paid enough?

When asked whether (or how much) they felt their current salary should be increased to reflect being paid a salary they feel they are worth:

Over 50% of respondents indicated they would need a salary increase between 15% and 20% to feel adequately compensated.

Nearly 15% indicated a 30% salary increase was necessary, and just over 7% said, “a 50% increase in salary [would be] necessary…”

Number of years at current job level
  • 32% of respondents have been at their current job level greater than 10 years
  • 23.2% 5 to 10 years
  • 20.2% 2 to 5 years
  • 24% less than 2 years

You can find the survey (with a complimentary infographics) at VentureOutsource
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