SMT & Inspection | February 28, 2006

Frontline CAM products are RoHS ready

Frontline PCB Solutions, a supplier of pre-production CAM and engineering software solutions for the PCB industry, has announced that its entire product suite - including InPlan, InStack, Genesis 2000 and GenFlex - is now RoHS/WEEE ready.
Frontline's RoHS/WEEE ready product suite enables:
• Smooth front-end transition to RoHS/WEEE directives
• Rules-driven updates for non-compliant engineering data
• Massive change of legacy route cards and BOMs to become RoHS/WEEE compliant
• Shorter RoHS/WEEE compliancy training cycles for engineers

InPlan™ - Frontline's engineering software solution, has been positioned as an early adopter of the RoHS/WEEE directives to enable users to better serve their customers. InPlan provides a variety of services to new and existing customers, from RoHS/WEEE compliant spec analysis to RoHS/WEEE compliancy material declaration reports, through systematic rules-driven modifications in the manufacturing route cards.

Available services include:
• Automation of RoHS/WEEE compliancy requirements through electronic specs
• Automatic restriction of hazardous substances selection through stackup design
• Seamless engineering transition to use of higher thermal capacity materials
• RoHS/WEEE Compliancy Spec automatically attached and checked with each job
• Update of costing models to reflect RoHS/WEEE compliance-related changes
• Material declaration reports and compliance document control with every job

Frontline PCB Solutions, a joint venture of Orbotech and Valor, is a provider of technology pre production CAM and engineering software solutions for the PCB industry.
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