Electronics Production | December 14, 2005

Projects Manager appointed by Jaltek

Jaltek Systems Ltd. announces its support of current expansion and future growth prospects with
the appointment of Mike Harvey to the role of Projects Manager.
Product quality is essential - it almost goes without saying - but for premier EMS provider Jaltek
Systems Ltd., there is something even more important for its success with its OEM partners: the
quality of its people. Without its peoples' expertise, dynamism and unflagging team spirit, Jaltek
would not have achieved strong, steady growth throughout the electronics industry's worst
downturn ever. With their skills and vision, Jaltek's people have taken their company into the
world's top OEMs and blue chip multinationals, to develop and manufacture highly advanced
products for demanding niche applications.

As Jaltek builds on its growth and expands its service offering, it remains true to its emphasis on
human resources, taking on new team members whose skill sets and experience further enhance
the company's professionalism and future development.

And so it is with the latest addition to the Jaltek fold: with 10 years' experience in project and
business management for blue-chip and advanced technology companies, and in particular in
demanding military and medical applications, Mike Harvey is well suited to his new role in Jaltek,
where he will be responsible for the management of customer projects, from enquiry processing to
order completion.

“My job is to ensure that we exceed our customers' expectations of any project we undertake for
them and that we do so as efficiently and as fast as possible”, says Harvey, explaining that, for
each project, he will liaise closely with the account manager and the client to understand fully the
client's business requirements, which he will then communicate to the appropriate logistics,
administrative, manufacturing and engineering people within Jaltek. “In this way”, he explains, “we
can ensure synergy between all commercial and technical aspects of any project, guaranteeing
continuity of communication to the client while optimising the use of their resources, our own, and
those of our suppliers”.

Harvey has a wealth of experience in demanding design, manufacturing and project management
environments, all of which will be invaluable to him and Jaltek's clients in his new role. As he points
out, “Through effective communication and proactive product engineering, it is possible to reduce
product costs significantly while growing customer expectations”.

Sales Director Steve Pittom is delighted to have Harvey on board: “Mike has an impressive track
record in the design, development and introduction of new products and processes in electronics
manufacturing environments, product cost reduction, supply chain management, cross- and multisite
management, and a host of other skills that range from marketing to finance. This, combined with his skill in working with clients, negotiating with suppliers and motivating his colleagues, will
ensure that we optimise the quality and flow of projects through our front end and manufacturing

Pittom adds that Mike's many talents make him ideal for Jaltek: “Our philosophy is, 'If it needs
doing, do it'. As well as being a highly qualified project manager, Mike is a great guy, a great allrounder, and an excellent fit for Jaltek. He's a very welcome addition to the team”.
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