RoHS | December 07, 2005

Lead free 2006 – A Live Production Event

On the 1st of February 2006 at Stockholm International Fair, Sweden, Lead Free is in focus, and it will be an important meeting place for anyone involved in electronics production – designers, contract manufacturers, buyers, and so on. Over 25 machines and functions on 300 square meters will be exhibited.
The event is arranged by Stockholm International Fair and Mr. Lars Wallin. It takes place on February 1st 2006 in Stockholm Sweden.

The implementation of the RoHS-directive means that the electronic production of today must fundamentally change. We are facing completely new problems and a number of questions are appearing. At Lead free 2006, a lot of these questions will be answered at Lead Free 2006.

- Which solder paste and reflow method will best suit my printed circuit board?
- Will the components cope with the higher reflow temperature?
- What happens to the quality of the solder joint in the short and long term perspective?
- How long does it take to switch from lead to a lead free process?
- How much will the switch cost?
- What will breaking the RoHS-directive cost in Sweden and other countries in the European Community?

Two assembled production lines will give the practical answers along with interviews on stage. Here the spectators will find out what solution will fit their printed circuit board best.

At Lead free 2006, hundreds of consumer PCB's will be produced in a production line with a couple of SAC type solder pastes and with hot air as reflow method. This is a way which many experts consider to be the only solution for all types of printed circuit boards.

In a parallel production line, assembled to cope with a more advanced printed circuit board, low temperature solder pastes will be tested and also reflowed with hot air.

Any in today's production are crying out for test data from different types of solder pastes and production methods. Therefore, all circuit boards will be inspected according to current industrial standards as well as x-rayed.

To be able to show as many parameters as possible, some circuit boards from both production lines will be reflowed in a vapour phase machine.

Mr. Lars Wallin asks critical questions from the stage each hour. Current questions will be asked to authorities, electronics designers, the component industry, circuit board manufacturers, material and machine suppliers as well as suppliers of testing equipment.

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