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Åke Bengtsson explains PartnerTech's restructuring

During the day PartnerTech issued a profit warning. In connection to this, the company also announced that it will leave two of the three factories in Norway, as well as a reduction of the workforce.
According to Åke Bengtsson, the decline (a volume decrease of 15% compared to the same period 2011) came partly due to economic impact, also the long weekend period that fell in December which meant that there was relatively few billing days. And many companies in the industry simply closed down completely for a longer period.

The situation in the Nordic countries

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Earlier during the day PartnerTech also announced plans to increase the competitiveness of the Nordic operations. Due to the customer situation in Norway the company does not see the need to keep their thin sheet processing there. According to Åke Bengtsson, the unit in Poland is much better suited, and equipped for this purpose. The Norwegian unit in Moss will the affected the most.

The focus will now be to find other types of clients for the unit in Moss. The goal is to get a platform to serve customers in the lucrative oil and gas industry as well as the marine industry.

- We are actually moving from thin sheet metal a little thicker sheet metal and massive parts which the industry is asking for. This is not volume production, but more project-driven production, says Åke Bengtsson and explains that this is something the the company begun working on during the previous year and that they are now in the final phases.

PartnerTech is also moving out of its facilities in Vellinge, Sweden. The need for space has changed over the years as the staff numbers have been reduced over time.

- Volume production moved to Poland several years ago. And because of the lease, we have been stuck in our premises of 8000 square meters. The facility we are moving to is better suited and has a surface that is about half of that. It reflects the activities that we have today with development and high mix.

In connection with the changes some layoffs will occur. The company does not want to disclose how many that will be affected. The staff reductions will apply to units in Sweden and Poland. During the year, mainly temporary employees have had to leave.

- What we are trying to do in the Nordic countries is to find ways in which we are more flexible. I will not say exactly how many people will be affected, each unit is negotiating with their union.
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