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TEC panel: 'Cooperation yes, but to what extent?'

Our TEC 2012 panel discussed possible cooperation between companies and how to attract students into the industry.
While cooperation between companies in some areas is seen as a path for the future, these areas are limited. After all the companies are competitors in a very restricted market environment.

Do we need to use twitter and facebook to make electronics manufacturing attractive to young people? Or will EMS-providers have to add design to their offered services?

Those and more questions where posed during the panel discussion. Were you unable to get to Lund and listen? Find audio files from the discussion below.

Question 1: How does the current economic situation measure up to the one from 2008? (08:56)
Question 2: What effect would a potential failure of the euro currency have on your company? (02:38)
Question 3: What is required from the political side to stabilise Sweden and Scandinavia? (01:23)
Question 4: How do you market yourself to attract young people to work in your company? (05:26)
Question 5: Electronics might be seen in some region as a dying industry. How do you counter that? (02:48)
Question 6: In recent times several continental EMS-providers stated that their aiming to enter the Scandinavian market. How will that effect your company? (03:01)
Question 7: Through mergers, small companies become mid- or even large-size companies. How do you handle a sudden addition in your competitive market? (02:46)
Question 8: Olle Hultberg, do you still stand by your opinion piece that you write for evertiq earlier this year? (8:37)
Question 9: What kind of responsibility do you feel towards the Scandinavian industry? (1:25)
Question 10: Will we see more non-production related services coming from EMS-providers in the future? (06:13)

  • Martin Linder, CEO Leab AB
  • Andreas Bergström CEO Flextronics Sweden
  • Gerd Levin-Nygren, President Hanza electronics
  • Mats Johansson, CEO Orbit One AB
  • Peter Brent, Senior Analyst EMS Reed Electronic Research
  • Olle Hulteberg, CEO Inission
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