Electronics Production | July 23, 2012

Top5 worldwide LCD-TV ranking in1Q/2012

The South Korean electronics giant in the first quarter shipped 8.2 million LCD TVs globally.

“Through good times and bad for the LCD TV market, Samsung is able to hold onto its lead in shipments because of the company’s global reach, competitive pricing and the internal control of its supply chain,” said Tom Morrod, senior analyst and head of TV technology at IHS. “Samsung has shown the capability to adjust to even the weakest of market conditions as it benefits from consumer spending on virtually any format of TV while maintaining profitable operations, which has been a major challenge for many other manufacturers.” Top5 worldwide LCD-TV ranking in1Q/2012 (Source: IHS)
  1. Samsung (19%)
  2. LG Electronics (13%)
  3. Sony (8%)
  4. Toshiba (6%)
  5. Sharp (5%)
  6. Others (50%)
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