PCB | February 28, 2012

AT&S heads Hermes consortium

AT&S heads a consortium aimed at driving forward miniaturisation and reliability.
Hermes came into being four years ago, as a project funded under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program. In the spring of 2008 AT&S brought together eleven European global players in the EU-sponsored project.

The participants come from different stages in the value chain in the automotive, aeronautical and other industrial sectors.

Hermes stands for High density integration by Embedding chips for Reduced size Modules and Electronic Systems.

One of the Consortium’s main goals is to set standards for the industry, and to generate advantages over the competition in Asia.

ECP® technology has been brought to market in the course of the project following the successful construction of the production line in Hinterberg.

Industrial partners
- Assembly Systems
- Atotech
- Bosch
- Circuit Foil, Luxembourg
- Fundico
- Infineon
- RoodMicrotec
- Thales Communications/Thales Corporate Services
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