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Teardown: Asus eeePad Transformer Prime

As a first; the Asus eeePad Transformer Prime is actually thinner than Apple's iPad2 (8.3 vs 8.8 mm).
"With the back off, we see the usual large battery, but once you start pulling things apart you can see a main board and a number of subsidiary boards – the touch screen controller, some switches, and the camera flash LED are all on separate boards", writes Chipworks.

The main circuit board has the components all on one side. The iPad2 board is half the size, but components are distributed on both sides. This would also explain, why the eeePad is slightly thinner. Another comparison - both batteries have the same capacity (25Wh), making battery life similar.

The teardown did not reveal a PoP for the processor, but that - in fact - the nVidia Tegra 3 processor (no markings on the back) and the 1-GB Elpida B8132B2MA memory are physically distinct.

This is a WiFi only device, with the WiFi module being a AzureWave NH615.

Others to be found:

- Atmel MXT768E touch screen controller
- Broadcom BCM4751 single-chip GPS receiver fabricated in 65 nm CMOS
- Hynix H26M64002BNR 32 GB NAND Flash
- Invensense MPU3050 Three Axis Gyroscope
- Kionix KXTF9 Accelerometer
- Nuvoton NPCE795 Keyboard Controller (for docking station)
- Fairchild FDMC4435BZ Power MOSFET
- Fairchild FPF2700 Power Switch
- International Rectifier IRFHS834PbF Power MOSFET
- Orise Technology OTC3106A LCD Driver
- Realtek ALC5631 Audio CODEC
- STMicroelectronics 428RP EEPROM
- Texas Instruments bq2475 Li-ion Management
- Texas Instruments TPB62361 DC-DC Converter
- Texas Instruments TPS61181A LED Driver
- Texas Instruments TPS62122 DC-DC Converter
- Texas Instruments TPS6591102 Power Management
- Winbond 25X408BV16 4Mb serial flash

Source: Chipworks / More can be found here.
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