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How could we all get it so wrong?

On October 4, 2011 – Apple did not exactly pull the magic new – but rather a faster copy of the old white rabbit – out of its magic top hat. Where did the – oh so hyped – iPhone5 disappear to?
I know; I know – we also played along with the marching band. Features here, design images there. But for some – if not most of the "we're going to line up for the next mobile phone of the century even in sub-zero temperatures" – the iPhone4S is a slight disappointment.

Don't get me wrong. The specs list makes for a fairly good read.

The iPhone4S has a A5 dual-core processor (like the iPad2), dual core graphics (again like iPad2), 1GB of memory (a serious upgrade from the 512MB that the iPhone4 is coming with) and a 8 megapixel camera (something that Android users already take for granted).

And then there is Siri. A sophisticated voice technology, as Apple tells us. Ask the phone to find out the latest weather report, search for a fancy restaurant or – the ladies – for a Christian Louboutin shop close by. We are told that answers will appear in a jiffy. And it is a feature exclusive for the iPhone4S.

“A voice-based command system that responds to natural language is completely in the spirit of a Steve Jobs product by pushing the boundaries of user friendliness. The battle in the smartphone business will not be won by the product with the best display or cameraβ€”but by the product that delivers the best user experience. With Siri, Apple has once again shown it has what it takes to maintain its leadership position in the smartphone market", says Dale Ford, vice president, electronics market intelligence for IHS.

But Apple has – with failing to introduce a true fourth-generation iPhone – also opened up a window of opportunity for its competitors.

Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG or HTC should be very happy.

Microsoft; RIM and Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia probably sigh in collective relieve. (While redesigning their smartphone strategy.)

And Apple? The wizkid seems content with maintaining the ground it conquered.

It will be exciting to see what comes next. Can Apple do what it has set out to do? Despite mourning the loss of its co-founder and visionary genius Steve Jobs?

New CEO Tim Cook certainly indicated the future direction of the company: "We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much."

Personally, I hope for more competition. Trust me, it makes for the more interesting read.

And the iPhone5 you might ask. Well! For one I try to stay clear of rumours. Although rumours have it that it will arrive around March 2012. And if we are really honest; we love the suspense game of rumours, leaks, excitement and 'No comments' from Apple. Don't you agree?
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