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Siplace on the road to success

As part of ASM Pacific Technology, the Siplace team of ASM Assembly Systems is a global manufacturer of surface mount technology (SMT) placement machines and solutions.
Since 1983, the Siplace team has introduced many innovative SMT production concepts on the market, thereby expanding its position from an initially local leader to a global trendsetter in the industry. Manufacturers in all industries ranging from telecommunications automotive and IT to consumer electronics and automation use solutions from Siplace.

Since its beginnings in 1983 until today, Siplace has installed over 25'000 placement solutions at more than 2'500 customers worldwide.

ASM Assembly Systems with its 1'200 employees is represented worldwide. Its corporate headquarters with almost 700 employees is located in Munich, which is also its most important development and production site. Another Siplace production facility has operated in Singapore since 2006. Siplace operates in a global cluster organization with regional and local sales and service teams.

Siplace history from 2003 through 2009: An eventful period

In 1983, as factories became more and more automated, the first SMT placement machine left the assembly line under the name MS-72. It signaled the starting point for a history of successful placement machine production. Over time, the Siplace team developed into a global entity, and today its machines run in all regions of the world.

Only eight years after its foundation, the Siplace team revolutionized the industry. Moving away from the big and rigid chip shooters, which at the time could be found in every electronics plant, the Siplace team developed placement machines featuring the revolutionary Collect & Place head. Its principle of keeping the board stationary and letting the head move around would soon be copied by many.

In 2000, the industry reaches a new peak, Siplace machines are more popular than ever, and the company sells its 10'000th machine. Over the next nine eventful years with many name changes and structural reassignments within the parent company, the Siplace team experiences lots of peaks and valleys, all the while solidifying its position in the various regional electronics production markets.

In 2009, a so-called carve-out turns the Siplace team into a legally independent company within the Siemens group under the name Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems.

2011: Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems becomes ASM Assembly Systems

On January 7, 2011, Siplace is officially sold to ASM Pacific Technology. The company is integrated into ASMPT as its SMT technology division and continues to operate as a separate business unit under the name ASM Assembly Systems.

The global management team under CEO G√ľnter Lauber and COO G√ľnter Schindler remains in place, as does the global Siplace cluster organization.

ASM Pacific Technology, a publicly traded maker of systems and machines for the semiconductor and LED industry with headquarters in Singapore, is able to expand its solution portfolio and gains a foothold in the European market with this acquisition.

Siplace profits from the deal as well and benefits from ASMPT’s strong position in Asian markets.

The new constellation with lots of potential synergies in development, procurement and production offers excellent growth opportunities for both companies. Pairing German quality engineering with Asian efficiency and goal orientation, the Siplace team looks ahead with more confidence than ever before.

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